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Top 5 Things to Plan for When Building a Sales Team

Sales Strategizing
Sales Planning

There are 5 Things to Plan for When Building a Sales Team successful sales team with these clear directives: From recruitment planning to ongoing support, these strategies are the foundation for achieving and surpassing long-term business goals.

1. Sales Strategy and Structure:

  • Define a clear sales strategy that aligns with your business goals.

  • Decide on the sales team structure, considering factors such as independent vs. salaried representatives, and the potential use of commission-based compensation.

2. Recruitment and Skill Requirements:

  • Prioritize recruitment of candidates with a proven track record in your industry or those possessing the necessary skills for selling your specific product or service.

  • Identify the specific sales experience, industry knowledge, or combination of skills required for effectively selling your product.

3. Compensation Planning:

  • Define competitive salaries for salaried positions and determine the compensation structure (salary-only or a combination of salary and commission).

  • For independent representatives, ensure that the compensation plan realistically reflects income trajectories and timeframes.

4. Lead Generation and Sales Pipeline:

  • Clarify whether the sales position primarily involves lead generation or if the company will supply leads.

  • Assess the necessity of social media networking skills for building a sales pipeline, considering the role of digital platforms in the sales process.

5. Ongoing Support, Training, and Adaptability:

  • Implement a structured onboarding process to expedite the learning curve, particularly given the complexity of your offering.

  • Conduct continuous training programs to keep the sales team updated on product knowledge, industry trends, and effective selling techniques.

  • Foster a supportive environment through initiatives like mentorship programs and regular feedback sessions.

  • Emphasize the importance of a dynamic and adaptable approach to sales strategy, highlighting continuous support and training as integral components for sustained success in the ever-evolving sales landscape.


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