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Sales Fundamentals for Success:
Online Training Course Curriculum

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This comprehensive online training course will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to navigate the sales process and achieve outstanding results, regardless of your prior experience. Through interactive modules, discussions, role-playing exercises, and expert guidance, you'll gain the confidence and tools to build strong relationships, effectively communicate product or service value, and close more deals.

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Trust-Centered Selling: Building Rapport and Connection

  • Explore the concept of trust-centered selling based on Keith Orlean's "Sales Success Blueprint.

  • Master the art of active listening, reading non-verbal cues, and building rapport with potential clients.

  • Engage in interactive discussions and practice your communication skills through role-playing exercises simulating initial client interactions.

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Mastering the Sales Journey: Effective Communication Plan

  • Understanding the Sales Process: Explore the key stages of the sales process, from prospecting to closing, focusing on effective communication at each step.

  • Tailored Communication Techniques: Develop communication skills tailored to different stages of the sales process, emphasizing clarity, persuasion, and active listening.

  • Practical Application: Engage in hands-on activities and role-playing exercises to practice applying communication techniques in realistic sales scenarios.

  • Feedback and Improvement: Receive constructive feedback from peers and instructors to refine your communication skills and address any weaknesses.

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Product Mastery and
Objection OvercomingTactics

Nurturing Client Partnerships: Lifelong Success Strategies

  • Emphasize the importance of mastering product or service knowledge to enhance your credibility and address customer inquiries with confidence.

  • Explore various strategies for effectively overcoming common sales objections through interactive discussions and group activities.

  • Become an expert on your assigned product/service (real or fictitious) by researching and presenting its key features and benefits.

  • Practice responding to objections in a professional and solution-oriented manner during dedicated workshops and receive feedback from peers and instructors.

  • Discover the importance of establishing and maintaining long-term client relationships, focusing on exceeding expectations and demonstrating value.

  • Brainstorm strategies for building and maintaining strong client relationships throughout the sales lifecycle through interactive brainstorming activities.

  • Embrace the concept of lifelong learning and its significance in the sales profession through insightful discussions and resource exploration.

  • Create a personalized action plan outlining specific areas for improvement and strategies for continuous learning and professional development.

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