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Harnessing the Power of Tech: How Technology Revolutionized My Sales and Marketing Strategies

By: Keith Orlean

Technology changes

In 1982, I embarked on my journey as an entrepreneur by opening my first business. Little did I know that this was the beginning of a journey that would reshape the way we live and work. Being an early adopter and fascinated by the potential of technology, I envisioned the impact this would have on my business and personal life. As I look back on my career, from the early days of personal computing to the rapid growth of software solutions and the advent of smartphones, I am amazed at how technology has played a pivotal role in transforming every stage of my business career.

The Early Years: Embracing the Dawn of Computing

In 1985, I opened my first optical store in a world where desktop computing was not yet prevalent in homes or small businesses. However, even in those early days, I had a fascination with technology and a vision of how it would revolutionize our lives and work. Around 1987, I purchased my first personal computer, which didn't even have a hard drive. Instead, it relied on floppy disks for data storage and software access. It was during this time that the Windows operating system was released as an extension to MS-DOS, Microsoft's software for personal computers. As Windows continued to evolve, the graphical interface demanded more storage and memory.

Transitioning to Computerized Systems

Realizing the need to manage a growing customer base efficiently, I invested in technology. By 1989, I had opened six stores, and it became apparent that manual methods were no longer sufficient. Determined to be a leader in this area, I purchased computers for each store, allowing me to enter new customer information and track sales. Though hesitant to abandon the familiar manual methods entirely, I gradually integrated computerized systems into my business operations.

The Emergence of Software Solutions

As the 1990s unfolded, software developers introduced programs that offered new ways to manage businesses. In 1990, Microsoft Office launched, providing a comprehensive suite of applications for business management. I became obsessed with acquiring the latest software programs as they became available, eager to harness their capabilities to streamline my business operations and support growth. These software solutions ranged from accounting and inventory management to communication and productivity tools.

Becoming a Franchisor and Embracing Systemization

As my business expanded, I evolved into a franchisor. Technology played a critical role in this transition, as having standardized systems became a key selling feature for my franchise. Leveraging technology allowed me to maintain consistency across franchise locations, ensuring efficient operations and customer satisfaction.

Connectivity and the Internet Revolution

During this era, internet connectivity was facilitated by dial-up modems. Although it had its limitations, the internet opened up a new world of opportunities. It allowed me to communicate with customers and suppliers more efficiently, access information, and expand my business's reach. However, broadband internet didn't arrive until the early 2000s, which marked a significant leap forward in terms of speed and accessibility.

The Era of Mobile Technology

With the advent of smartphones in 2007, the world changed forever. I quickly became an early adopter, recognizing the tremendous potential of these devices. Smartphones offered unparalleled connectivity, allowing me to access and manage my business anytime and anywhere. However, this constant connection made it more challenging to disconnect from work, blurring the boundaries between personal and professional life.

Software Proficiency and Self-Sufficiency

To maximize the benefits of technology, I dedicated myself to mastering software programs like Microsoft Office. Proficiency in these tools empowered me to handle various tasks independently, reducing dependence on others and enhancing overall efficiency. Additionally, I continuously sought out new software tools that further streamlined my business operations, ensuring I stayed ahead of the curve.

Appreciating the Advancements

As I reflect on my journey, I am grateful to have witnessed the incredible advancements in technology. The efficiencies and cost savings created by technology are often taken for granted by those starting their businesses today. It's important to acknowledge the transformative power of technology and the countless opportunities it has provided for entrepreneurs in sales and marketing.


Technology has been the driving force behind the transformation of my sales and marketing career. From the early days of personal computing to the era of smartphones, I embraced technology's potential and harnessed its power to revolutionize my business operations. The advancements in hardware, software solutions, and connectivity have allowed me to improve efficiency, streamline processes, and expand my reach. As an entrepreneur, I feel blessed to have experienced a world without technology, appreciating the simpler times. However, I am equally thankful for the advancements that have shaped and elevated my sales and marketing career, making it more rewarding and impactful than ever before.


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